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Our Story

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At Hello Sarnie, we are passionate about producing fresh, high quality handmade products, served with exceptional customer service. Admittedly, we’re a little obsessed. Our menu of breakfast, lunch and snack products are all freshly made, using quality, locally sourced, ingredients. Every morning our chef, along with his team of passionate foodies, start from scratch to prepare each product fresh from our kitchen. Everything is made by us…from our mayonnaise, to our dips, to our soups, salads and sandwiches. And whatever we don’t sell at the end of each day, we donate to charity - cos fresh is best and we are doing our bit to help minimise food waste.

Our Approach

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In a time-poor society, where everyone is on the go, Hello Sarnie has you covered. Quick and convenient now meets nutritious and delicious. What we don’t sell by the end of each day, we give away to charity at night... cos fresh is best and we're passionate about minimising food waste!

Hello Sarnie - Restaurant & Catering